You Are My Therapy

You Are My Therapy

You Are My Therapy 1000 667 Naudia


As if you didn’t already know this. I wanted to explain a few things as to why I am stating this. As a tattooer, I get to be a therapist as well as an artist quite frequently. I have not figured out why, but for as long as I can remember people have found comfort in confiding in their tattooer. This calls for a closer relationship with your clients, which in my case is both good and bad. I love to feel important to people. I love being the one people turn to when they want/need someone to talk to. However, once you cross that professional line with them, it’s like they lose some respect for you as a professional. Things like last-minute cancels or late-night drunk tattoo questions, things like that.

Another thing is that is something happens and you lose them as a friend, you lose them as a client as well. So it is a slippery thing. I love my clients, they know how I am, and I never have to hide who I am around them, hell they pick me sometimes on my personality!

Second therapy is not cheap by any means and is incredibly hard to find a doctor that is not only good at what they do, but they have to be personable and laid back, if they are all official and see you next time with me, then there will not be a next time.

However you will learn in other blogs but I spoke with a Therapist today, and it looks like I may be starting that backup, so I guess I might get a double dose, but trust me there is plenty of crazy here.

Also when I was younger I used to keep a diary, I feel like this is kinda like the grown-up version.

Third, my husband does not really like me talking to family or friends about our issues or other life things that don’t always need to be shared or may make one party look bad to said person you are telling. So instead I will just be sharing all my stories/issues with perfect strangers. I am ok with that. If someone benefits or gets enjoyment out of it I’ve done my job.

Now more then anything I am doing this for myself. somewhere my stories and memories are stored. I really hope this becomes something and I can keep myself invested.

Well thank you for reading, let me know in the comments who you go to for your “Therapy”