Who is your mother?!?


Who is your mother?!?

Who is your mother?!? 1000 666 sfadmin

Who is your mother, I believe there is a child’s storybook about it. Although now that I think about it I believe it is “Where is my mother” lol I could title this either and it would still apply.

I grew up being raised by my grandmother and mother. I spent a good amount of my younger years living or staying with her frequently. I used to go over there for the weekends and then during the summer we ( my cousins and I ) would spend like weeks at a time it felt like.

I spent my 3rd and 9th-grade year completely with my grandparents. Then in addition to I also spent a few summers over there as well. My grandparents provided a lot for me when my mom couldn’t or didn’t want to. They got my school clothes and supplies more times then I could tell you. They paid for my braces with I was a teenager with what I got called, “Vampire mouth”. My teeth were horribly overlapped and sideways etc. My canine teeth stood out above all my other teeth so it appeared I had vampire’s teeth. Hence vampire mouth.

They paid for half of my car when I turned of age and had to purchase my first car. They bought me a bedroom suite when Xander and I moved out. We were staying on a twin-size bed till she did that for us. I could keep going but you get the idea.

Anyways for the most part I always felt like she was more of a mother figure than my own. I loved/love my mom but we have had a strained relationship for quite some time. I can remember back to about 7/8 years old.

Well, I think that wraps this part up. I had two mother figures in my life, I love them both.

Well till next time, stay safe, and don’t let the bed bugs bite! (Papa Always said this to me before bed)