What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect 1000 750 sfadmin

Hello! Welcome to my blog/ kinda autobiography I would imagine. The first thing to know about me, I did not do well in English class, and it will show. I will try my best to write in proper form, but hell I cuss too much that will never happen. I tend to think of myself as a no-filter kinda gal, I do not often think about things before I say them, and I am not one to sugar coat a damn thing! So if that interests you, come on in pull up and seat, and get a nice close look at my crazy.

If anything I’ve said so far doesn’t sound appealing, or offends you, get the bleep off my site, we don’t need you here, please, and have a great rest of your life. For the rest of you, welcome, and here is your cookie as promised.

I have always said my life would make a great story, it is so outlandish and unconventional I thought someone else out there has to enjoy this. Let’s face it this is cheaper than therapy too!

You will find stories, all true btw, from my earliest memories to the most current things going on in my life. These, of course, will all be written in my opinion, or my side of the story. They will be sporadic, they will be funny, sad, depressing, shocking, and many many more things.

I hope you enjoy.