The Truck Driver, and Girl Scout Cookies.

The Truck Driver, and Girl Scout Cookies.

The Truck Driver, and Girl Scout Cookies. 612 612 sfadmin

During my second time around in 3rd grade ( see Annnnnd the domino has been tipped over ) I spent that year at my grandparents. My grandmother decided to let me join girl scouts that year, it was close to her house and the meeting was on top of a public library, which my grandmother loves to read she has done it as long as I can remember. So it worked out for everyone. I was in Girl Scouts for only a year because my mother did not want to take me once I returned home the following year. 

I really enjoyed myself that year. I can not say that I always applied myself. I am learning that may have been for a reason. On days when we did any kinda arts & crafts style badge, I was fully engaged. The moment it was something I wasn’t interested in you would see me melt into that pile of mush you feel you look like when you sink into your seat or chair.

Now as you all know I was subject to the ever-loved cookies to sell. I had little to no interest in getting very many orders, as in previous years for school fundraisers I never sold enough to get any of the cool prizes. We all know how this system works your parents take it to work and they shame the other parents into buying things from their kids. As they will be expected to do the same thing when their child sells something.

  Not my mom. She either didn’t take it with her, or she would take it and then forget it and I was unable to turn mine in. Don’t get me wrong she would usually do whatever it took for me to get whatever the minimum item was. She just wasn’t one of those parents who are all gun-ho on participating in things at the school. She did classroom mom like 2 or 3 times my whole life to explain how often she would. I remember feeling like the top of the world when she would, telling all my friends “That’s My Mom!” 

Now back to the cookies! My grandparents, now that was a whole nother story. My Grandfather owned a trucking company, and my grandmother was a stay-at-home wife. So needless to say my grandfather took it to work, made all his drivers, suppliers, vendors, etc purchase cookies from me. Yes, I did take it around the neighborhood myself as well. 

I ended up selling over 250 boxes! The most of my troop. By the end, my grandmother swore she would never go through that again. They ended up selling more after that I believe too and still ended up with too many and needing to freeze them.

I received 3 or 4 new badges for my sash. This was one of my favorite things to come from that year of schooling.