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The Bush Tower Of Piza

The Bush Tower Of Piza 1000 668 Naudia
“Hi, my name is Naudia, and my mother is an alcoholic.” “Hi Naudia” everyone says back in unison. My mother became an alcoholic when I was the age of 7/8. Her relationship of 13 years ended and she apparently couldn’t cope, so she started drinking and gambling. read more

Hump Day and Couch Arms.

Hump Day and Couch Arms. 1000 667 Naudia
So this will be a fun story to tell. This my friends is the tale of how I got my first orgasm. As a young girl, I have always been somewhat sexually oriented. From looking at my grandpa’s playboy’s at like 5 ( See Blog ) to losing my virginity at the age of 14. ( Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!) Why I am not sure, maybe something was just not wired right in me. My mother did smoke with me when she was pregnant, so it is possible. My husband’s Mom smoked with him and he was born with only one functional lung. read more

Depression and my 50 shades of fuckery.

Depression and my 50 shades of fuckery. 400 350 sfadmin
I have lived with depression for almost 21 years. Wow, that just blew my mind to think of, to be honest. Its something I will always have, the difference being that it can be managed with medication and taking care of yourself physically and mentally. I know I just sounded like a freaking commercial. read more

Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!

Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY! 1000 562 Naudia
Picture this Sicily 1942… Yes, I am A huge golden girls fan. But no picture the year is 1998 in a small city of North East Ohio. I as a 14-year-old teenager. Boobs were already a nice asset (Sometimes a curse.) and I have always had a kinda nicer butt. read more