Swing Batter, Batter Swingers…Wait What?

Swing Batter, Batter Swingers…Wait What? 1210 2048 sfadmin
So when you reach a point in your life, you end up needing something “more” in the bedroom department. Now I am not saying what I have at home isn’t good because it is, it does everything I need and of recent more! So that isn’t it at all. it is almost like you mature and realize that you can love someone else and still have sex with someone else. But Naudia aren’t you jealous? Yes, I am but it is because I am insecure in myself and not our relationship. read more

Hump Day and Couch Arms.

Hump Day and Couch Arms. 1000 667 Naudia
So this will be a fun story to tell. This my friends is the tale of how I got my first orgasm. As a young girl, I have always been somewhat sexually oriented. From looking at my grandpa’s playboy’s at like 5 ( See Blog ) to losing my virginity at the age of 14. ( Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!) Why I am not sure, maybe something was just not wired right in me. My mother did smoke with me when she was pregnant, so it is possible. My husband’s Mom smoked with him and he was born with only one functional lung. read more