Swing Batter, Batter Swingers…Wait What?

Swing Batter, Batter Swingers…Wait What?

Swing Batter, Batter Swingers…Wait What? 1210 2048 sfadmin

So when you reach a point in your life, you end up needing something “more” in the bedroom department. Now I am not saying what I have at home isn’t good because it is, it does everything I need and of recent more! So that isn’t it at all. it is almost like you mature and realize that you can love someone else and still have sex with someone else.

But Naudia aren’t you jealous? Yes, I am but it is because I am insecure in myself and not our relationship. However, here is the weird part I am jealous of him talking to other females but I am 200% ok with him fucking another girl, or having foreplay with another girl. Try that one on for size.

Anyways he brings this to my attention, and immediately I go into an oh hell no we have tried this road before and it did not work in the slightest. After seeing all the work he put into it after a couple of weeks I finally said I would go. He basically brought it to me like look at how this would benefit you/us. 

Finally, something he said that clicked with me I guess was that it was kinda like my ultimate game. Find out more about my game in another blog. However, once I saw it like that I set things in motion.

We did a lot of research this time around as to make sure not to mess up if we could avoid it. As we are only human for goodness sake. We found locations, and what the etiquette was, if there were rules, what was the best days and times to go, etc.

If you want to read more in-depth on this one you are more than welcome to go to my other website http://www.secretlife.exposed where I write all about our experiences and helpful information on the subject.

To conclude this blog though, we are now swingers yes, it has some amazing properties and it has some huge downfalls. That is part of the journey though, is finding out if it is for you or not. This is deff not for everyone. Xander and I decided it was worth working through some of the issues we have encountered during all of this.

What are some of your issues? Well I do write about all this on that site so deff check it out if this subject interest you more. However, I will try and list at least some of the issues we have come across. Communication is key to swinging, we learned that from the last go around. Jealousy is not for swinging and if you can not get over that, maybe you have to say it might not be for you. Texting/Talking, , make sure you have this discussion with your partner. Who does the chatting, what can and can not be said about any or all of it?

Things you might have never thought about, or maybe it was something you guys buried down and forgot about. Whatever the case is though if you don’t deal with them, they will pop their ugly heads up later at some point and time. I do not think in the middle of having sex with some other guy, and then you look over and see your man giving a face you do not like towards the girl he is fucking, is the time to discover that your man makes that face anytime he has sex not just because it is you.

Things like that are possible. Just make sure you have thought of all the avenues you may hit, and then know there will be just as many if not more that you didn’t think or count on.

Until next time keep your vajaja and wenis happy, and I’ll see ya on the next one.