My mom the wonderful MONSTER!

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My mom the wonderful MONSTER!

My mom the wonderful MONSTER! 1000 666 sfadmin

Oh, My mother. How this will be a fun blog to make. First and foremost, I love my mother, and I know she did what she thought was the best she could. 

That being said my mother and myself have a strained relationship. We have had for most of my life, and it will keep continuing that way.

Let’s go over the basics. She is an ex-LPN of 20+ years. She did that all of her life until she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. As of 2020 when I am writing this she will be 57 this year. I am her only child, which you will find out she loves to remind me. She has been married for hmm I believe 20 years this year. However, she hasn’t been married to him in a relationship sort of way in many many years. I’ll explain this more later on.

Growing up we lived in around 5 different places, at least that I stayed with her for. You will learn more of this in the blog 

My mother had 2 serious relationships growing up, the rest were just a long line of drunken hookups. That brings us to that point. My mother has been an alcoholic since about the time I was 7 when her first serious relationship ended. I believe this is where a lot of my issues will start to stem from.

I hold a lot of animosity towards my mother and blame her a lot on the way I was raised, which leaked in and helped mold the person I became. You will learn this in great detail between my stories.

My mother is a sibling of 4. She grew up in a small township in NE Ohio. She had a hard but kinda standard way of living. However, from her POV you would swear she had the hardest childhood. That she would never recover or move past from. My mother has a horrible habit of holding on to the past. She will beat the horse till its dead, just to let it heal so she can turn around and do it again.

So to sum this up. Growing up it was just my mother and me, and being raised by a functioning alcoholic, now let’s find out how we can fuck this up!