I’ve been with my BFF from middle school longer than my husband…

I’ve been with my BFF from middle school longer than my husband…

I’ve been with my BFF from middle school longer than my husband… 750 1000 sfadmin

His name is Xander, and this is part of our story. In 8th grade, so 99-00 school year I met someone who would change the course of my life forever. Little did I know.

Xander & Myself were in the same work program in 8th grade. I knew who he was, but I was part of the “IN” crowd and he kinda looked like a nerd so we did not ever meet before then.

He says that he was instantly attracted to me. That it was either my face or boobies that drew him in. We somehow got sat next to each other, and well I am known as a social butterfly, or at least I used to be. I talked to him because he was next to me honestly at first.

Then as we got to know each, he would buy me snacks. In our classroom, we would eat or drink in class as long as we didn’t make a mess. The teacher stocked up with snacks for sale. My mom never gave me money for extra things in school, or at least very very not frequently. So I would be starving watching all these other kids eat while I sat there. I don’t remember when it happened but it got to the point I’d get to class and there would be a pop and bag of popcorn waiting for me. <3 So this earned him a lot of brownie points. I asked how he was able to buy those for us every day. He said that his parents knew he was buying for both of us, and either they gave him money or he used his own. 

By age 13 he had his own business, he ran a computer repair store in a busy local fleamarket. I was super impressed and thought how smart does this kid have to be?! I went with him a few times it was really cool he had his own little building/booth there. It locked up and was on a corner spot on the outside/perimeter aisle. So like Mr. Big Shot.

He would ask me out all the time, and to start I would decline, tell him I had plans, or I was grounded more of my teenage years than I wasn’t. He would still try, and I would say no. Then one time he asked at just the right moment, and I agreed to go to the movies with him.

I have no idea what we went to see, what I do remember is that he paid for everything, including dinner at Friday’s which for 2 8th graders was a fancy place! I was so panicked on how much he spent that night, I remember it being like $40-50 and thinking omg do you know how long it would take me to save that!

From that weekend on, we started spending a lot of time together. He would take me to the movies and dinner almost every weekend sometimes 2 times! He quickly became my best closest guy friend.

He tried to pursue more of a relationship, and I had zero interest in becoming more, he just was not my type. I was into the bad boy, not the geek. So we remained friends till around 10th grade when I started giving in a little bit. I agreed to try and date him, but he wasn’t to tell anyone. I guess I was embarrassed for people to know I was with him at the time. It didn’t fully last we were on and off for a little while.

We did not sleep together till 1oth grade when I took his virginity. I lost mine at 14, you can read about it in You never forget the first.

We didn’t become official till April 4th, 2002. However, this day is also for another blog.

Now let’s talk about the next important date. December 4th, 2018 was the day that I married my BFF and partner in crime of 16 years and counting. Why did we wait 16 years to get married? You will have to read about it in another blog.

Last week we just celebrated our 18th anniversary! We were fancy and got carryout from a local restaurant as we were unable to celebrate out because as I write this we are in the middle of the COVID -19 epidemic. We are hoping to do something once everything settles down. As long as it’s not like months away. 

So as you now see why my title makes sense?

How long have you been with your partner if you have one, and where did you meet? Let me know in the comments!