Mornings Are My Achilles Heel In Life, Relationships, And All Other Aspects.

Mornings Are My Achilles Heel In Life, Relationships, And All Other Aspects.

Mornings Are My Achilles Heel In Life, Relationships, And All Other Aspects. 1000 667 Naudia

So, I have never really liked mornings for as long as I can remember. For multiple reasons as you will soon find out. I will give you some insight into how my dislike/hatred for mornings may come from. But also to show how it affects almost every aspect of my life.

I am trying to put this as awesome as I can, I just wrote this blog with 700+ words and it somehow didn’t save. So I am now writing this a second time lol. I have honestly never really liked mornings. I thought about it and I could only think of three times specifically. One was when I was on a weight loss pill ( I will do this in another blog), Second was pre-8-year-old me, because I would get up before everyone else and could watch cartoons and no one would tell me, no, and third was going to church with my first real love Hyal. ( Another blog)

The first experience I am going to tell you about is when I lived with my grandparents in 3rd grade. So point of reference I was about 7 at the time. I had a horrible habit of waking up to my alarm that scared me every morning, you know the one it’s about the size of your palm and the numbers glow in the dark like those stars we used to put on the ceilings in the 2000s. When it would go off it would scare the shit out of you with an eeeeeeehhheeeeehheee!!! The noise that goes off till you push the little tab in.

Well, my grandpa got tired of telling me I’d better get up or else! So one night he says ” Naudia the NEXT time you do NOT get up to your alarm, I’m going to wake you by pouring WATER on you as my dad did to me!” I quickly envisioned how it looks in the movies, which looked like someone taking a glass of water, holding it above their body and dump it, it kinda goes everywhere!

Boy was I ever wrong! I lasted ehh about a week and a half before the next time I fell back asleep after my alarm. I thought I was doing well. Well, it was not a glass of water, it was a pitcher of water. Second, it was not over my body but my FACE!!!

I woke up choking, gasping for air, and scared to shit cause it felt like I was drowning! It was the first and only time he ever did that to me and I think later he felt bad about it. It indeed was not the last time I didn’t wake up to my alarm either. They just found other ways to discipline me.

So between the alarm and then the panic I had for some time after, that I was going to ever be woken up like that again. So this deff did not help with my likes of mornings.

Second Was when my dad would ask me to get into bed with him on Sunday mornings when my mom worked.


To Be Continued…