Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!

Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!

Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY! 1000 562 Naudia

Picture this Sicily 1942… Yes, I am A huge golden girls fan. But no picture the year is 1998 in a small city of North East Ohio. I as a 14-year-old teenager. Boobs were already a nice asset (Sometimes a curse.) and I have always had a kinda nicer butt.

So it was only a matter of time before my monthly visit from my girlfriend. yes, that is how I refer to my period. I also call my vagina a vajaja so there is that. We lived in a duplex at the time. My mother’s surprise surprise was out at a bar or bingo I can not recall now just that she was not home.

I was doing what I normally did when she was not home. Talk on the phone with friends, play my Nintendo 64, play my music really loud on my mom’s bitchin Fingerhut stereo system. ( It really was though. It was one of those with the tape deck, the amp, the equalizer, the actual stereo and get this one of those 100 disc changers, which was kinda unheard at the time so it made me cool in front of all my friends.)

Well, this day I do not remember what it was I was doing but rather what I was wearing. It was a bathing suit because I did not have any panties clean. My mother still did my laundry until I was about 14/15. She was anal about wrinkles etc. 

I went to the bathroom and found some dark red on the crotch of the bathing suit bottoms, I honestly thought how the fuck did shit get up there! Then when I realized it looked like dried blood I wiped to confirm and sure enough, it was red.

I was ecstatic! This means I am officially a lady! Next thought, what do I do? My mom never had this conversation with me, and now she wasn’t even home. Now, what do I do? 

I know I will call my aunt Kelsie!  She is the youngest of 4 kids. To give you a point of reference she graduated in “88” and I did in “03” She was always there for me, even when she probably didn’t want to.

She was freaked out like “Omg Naudia I am so sorry this happened to you!” I told her how I was excited, and in turn, she helped me out and gave me some hints on what to do till my mom could get pads because she only used tampons and panty liners.

Now as excited as I was to get my period, I was worried about leaking or something at school. My mom did arrive home a few hours later. I told her and she seemed more disappointed than happy for me.

She did go out the next day and buy me some pads. Did she get me the Tampax branded ones that she buys? Nope. She went to the dollar store and bought me these boats of a pad. It legit was like walking with a diaper on, and of course, they did not hold shit in and would leak off the sides.

I felt betrayed that day like my mother was some traitor who enjoyed seeing me embarrassed and humiliated. I was so worried everyone at school would know I had one on. Luckily I had my best friend who was older and lived next door, she is about 3 years older than me.

Her name was Beth. Her family lived in the other half of the duplex we lived in. She saw what my mother gave me to work with and she gave me some tampons and told me how to use them. I learned that day that my mother lied to me once again. She told me if I used tampons it would pop my cherry and I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore.

Who does that to their kid! My mom.

Anyways that’s my story. Who else has had this happen to them? Would you do that to your kid? When my girls started their periods I took them and got all the good shit! Hell, my mom never told me about cramp meds, I had to find out from my grandmother.

Well till next time, you guys stay safe out there Ill see you Thursday!