Jellies & Jesus Sandals

Top view of friends legs and feet in sandals and boots standing in circle on asphalt road

Jellies & Jesus Sandals

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As a child, I was huge into having to have what everyone else had. so whatever was the cool thing at the time. I wanted the name brand clothing, I wanted a pager, but not just any pager it had to be one of the ones I could customize. 

My mom, however, had different ideas. I remember these one sandals over anything else and that was what i call Jesus sandals. they are like the ones pictured in this blog if you don’t know what I’m talking about. they were the hottest thing every kid had a pair. i begged my mom to get me a pair. she would blow it off or tell me maybe next time. She did end up getting me a pair….. after it wasn’t cool anymore and no one cared. she did that with everything like that i would get the outdated cool thing. Jellie Shoes, popples, slap bracelets, super cool berets as those were a much bigger thing back in the day.

I ended up hating it, she never explained why i could not have those things. Had she maybe let me in a little bit, explained how the adult world works, that we have expenses and once your bills are paid then you can look at things like that. I might have better money management, and the not desire to get things when i want them, because i can and have the money. 

i personally think that it is very important to educate your children with how the world functions early on. do you need to burden them with all the stress, no. I do think explaining paychecks, bills, credit cards, car payments, insurance, and more like that would greatly benefit. I did it with my kids. ya know like a car payment you want that new jeep? $400 a month plus full coverage insurance $100 a month plus gas and maintenance lets just say $150 a month. So you are looking at around $600 a month just so you can drive a nice car. things like that. just so when they do get on their own they are not utterly clueless.