So this will be a fun story to tell. This my friends is the tale of how I got my first orgasm. As a young girl, I have always been somewhat sexually oriented. From looking at my grandpa’s Playboy’s at like 5 ( See Blog ) to losing my virginity at the age of 14. ( Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!)  Why I am not sure, maybe something was just not wired right in me. My mother did smoke with me when she was pregnant, so it is possible. My husband’s Mom smoked with him and he was born with only one functional lung.

Anyways back to the story at hand. I was about 12/13 when I first masturbated. I remember snooping in my mom’s room and finding her journal, vibrator, and a sex book, ya know one of those educational people from the ’80s. Well, I read parts of her journal, only the parts that talked about me. Then I looked through what I was grossed out by, but at the same time totally engrossed into it.

There were only like 3 pictures that actually showed a man’s penis, and then to show an erect one was even a bigger deal then I knew much later in life. This may be where my dislike for pics on non-erect penis came from because I thought that was the ugliest thing I had ever seen.

However, I was a teenager with a new feeling (Hormones) and not sure what to do about it. All I knew because my mom would have never had the talk with me at this age. I had health class so I had the basis, I mean good god I had a boyfriend in kindergarten. See My Boyfriends Used to come with backup plans. to learn more about that subject. So between books, health class, and movies I knew way more then I should have at that time.

Well, the day I discovered the book I remember having an overwhelming feeling of wanting to rub against something. But What? What resembles a body hmm, bed?, Nah, how about fingers? Nah seems messy, I know a vegetable!, no then I will have to tell mom I ate a whole cucumber while she was at work, eureka! The arm of the couch! Yes, it is decided!

So determined to try this, I grab the book and I climb on the arm of the couch and looked at the picture and started rubbing the couch against myself. At first, it did like nothing and I was legit confused about what everyone saw about sex. I gave it a few more minutes and something started happening! Things felt weird but good at the same time, and it seemed to be getting stronger the more and faster I rub.

Well, the couch was kinda starting to hurt/ not reach the “right” spots, so I put my hand down there, on top of my pants, and started rubbing against my fingers. Ohhhh much better! Well, I keep going and it got so intense I almost wondered if something was wrong and just then I came!!! OMG, I thought WTF is this feeling, it feels sooooo good! Then it faded and stopped, I kept rubbing a bit to try and get it to do it again. I couldn’t though.

So flustered I gave up, put my mom’s book back, and went to reflect on what just happened. This was the kicker I was over from there. I wanted that feeling all the time. Like all the time! So much I knew I needed at least 45 minutes before I could do it again, also that the more I did it the less intense they felt as they went on, and lastly I knew I could do it in under 5 minutes so my mom never caught me.

When and where were your first places? Let me know in the comments!