Have you ever saved someone’s life, and they get mad at you?

Have you ever saved someone’s life, and they get mad at you?

Have you ever saved someone’s life, and they get mad at you? 1000 631 Naudia

Have you ever concluded that you were going to lose someone you loved because they were going to do something to cause their life to end? I have…

I concluded that I was going to lose my mother at an early stage in life. Whether it was via suicide, drunk driving, or something along those lines. To Come to terms with something like that so early in life is something no one person should ever have to go through.

Now have you ever saved someone’s life, and have them be angry at you after? I have…

On this particular occasion, I was overspending time at Xander’s. I had been over there since after school, so I had not seen nor talked to my mother. It was approaching time to leave when I received a phone call. It is my mother. “Oh great,” I say. I pick up the phone to see what my most likely drunk mother needs from me now? I was about 17 at this time mind you.

It indeed was my mother, she wanted to know when I was coming home. I told her, “I was getting ready to leave now, why what’s up?” Much to my dismay, she tells me that she just took a whole bottle of her medicine and that she was going to bed. The FUCK? I asked, “What do you mean you took a whole bottle?” She tells me that she ate, and she was done, she took her meds and was going to sleep, mind you it is like 7 or 8 at the time, I remember this because I remember it being light outside. 

So now I am confused, I ask did she just take her night meds or did she take the whole bottle? She replied, ” Naudia, I took the whole bottle, and now I am going to sleep.” I asked her why she would do that, she just told me that she was tired and she was going to bed now. She hangs up on me! All the while I am telling Xander I need to go, my mom, is trying to kill herself. My mind is racing with horrible thoughts of showing up and finding my mother not breathing or worse off dead already. I called 911, told them that my mother took meds, and was trying to commit suicide. They assured me that help was on the way. Next, I called My Stepdad Dave, we agreed to meet at home.

When I arrived home, the police and ambulance were already there. Dave had bet me there and was talking to the officers. I learned that she was passed out upon their arrival they woke her and fed her charcoal to make her throw up. She was in her room with the medics when I entered to check up on her. They were taking her to the hospital for trying to kill herself. They walked out of the room to let her dress because I was there to watch her.

The first thing she said to me was “Why?”, the fuck? I looked at my mother with a very very puzzled face. “Why would you do this to me?” “Are you kidding me you tried to kill yourself!” I replied. “Why would you do this Naudia? “We can not afford this!” she screamed back at me. Are you fucking kidding me? My mother just got mad I saved her life because they can not afford the hospital visit!!!!

How would we afford your funeral? Did you ever consider that? Or how we felt? Fuck NO she didn’t! I do not remember much after that about that night. I take it as my coincidence protecting me from something, that or I do have borderline personality and that was another version of me taking over.

To conclude she ended up being ok, she spent the next few weeks in a psych ward. She was not mad when she got out, and we never talked about it again.

So until next time, keep your crazies close and your family closer.