Coloring books, relax you? They saved my life

Coloring books, relax you? They saved my life

Coloring books, relax you? They saved my life 612 612 Naudia

Did you color as a kid? I did all the time. To the point that it molded me as a kid that way. I colored so much it feels like that was my favorite toy as a kid. I would think back to toys I had as a kid and they are very limited.

I did not get all the things that the other kids had. Or if I did it was way after it was the cool thing to have. For example, by the time I got a portable CD player, which was a big deal then. They came with anti-skip with 3 seconds!!! Which for the hipsters and their digital world, this meant when you were on the bus listening to your new cd, and the bus hit a bump your player would absorb 3 seconds before it would skip. They ended up getting to like 60 seconds or something before they just stopped being the thing and digital started taking over.

So back to the story. I always had coloring books and crayons as a kid. That was also the only thing my mom would let me bring with us if we were leaving. She would say ONE thing Naudia, you can take one thing. So I picked the one thing I thought would entertain me the longest. Well, I almost always picked my coloring book and crayons. I soon graduated to bigger and better things like colored pencils and markers. As a kid I loved markers, I wanted all the colors! So this box that I carried all of this stuff in became a staple in my memory.
It was a yellow Tupperware container that originally came as a stencil toy. I obviously made a box out of mine. I carried that thing everywhere. I remember it came with a permanent stencil of the alphabet on the back of it. On the front, it had that little sharp circle from where the mold cuts off that made it so you could not use the top to color on. I do not remember what happened to that box tbh. My mother probably gave it away or put it in the trash. I would like to buy one for memory’s sake, I have found them on eBay so they are still out there for now.

I learned growing up that anything art related was right up my alley. That it was some kind of purpose in life I knew early on. In art class there was never an assignment I didn’t put my best effort towards, it was the only thing in school I did excellent in. My first job was being my old elementary art teacher’s assistant.
How has this affected my life? Well, have you ever had something that no matter what part of life you were in, that was always there for you? It’s like that I learned that it was about the only thing in life that kept my attention properly. No matter what was going on, I could count on art to always be there for me. Sad? Art! Happy? ART! Mad? Art! Confused with life? ART! You get the point. It is a calming thing that you can never stop learning or growing from. You are only as good as you want to be tomorrow.

Those are all good reasons. How about it ended up being what I do for a profession as an adult. I became a professional Tattooer, and am currently becoming a graphics designer. Nothing serious, some digital design for digital marketing for companies, and some advertising. So more like a new hobby if you will. However here is the kicker, it is still to be seen if it will hold my attention span. I grow tired of things quickly too often. However, with the diversity that I have had from gay night clubs to million-dollar vet centers, it has done well at keeping my attention.

However, here is one thing it does that isn’t necessarily positive about it. See Bitch, better have my money! $$ for greater detail on this matter. In short, if you are not interested in reading about it is this. I am a stationery whore. I love to collect all things art supplies. But no, I want not just some of the things, but I want all the things, and I don’t want them over time, I want them NOW!!! Patience is not my strong suit.

Needless to say, I bought a lot of things only to maybe work with them once or twice a year if lucky. In my defense though, I will often go through spurts where I will pick something back up and do it for a few months and then switch to the next thing. So, they do end up getting used most of the time, but I will break the damn bank when I find something new I want to do!
Have you ever met someone like me? Do they still do it, or did they find something to change the habit into?

To Be Continued…