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Money concept

Bitch, better have my money! $$$

Bitch, better have my money! $$$ 2000 1175 Naudia
So, let’s start again from the beginning. I wrote this like an almost full blog about this, saved it and when I came back to finish it, the blog was gone. So, from now on I will be writing all my blogs in word and not on the website itself and then I will just copy and paste over. Now back to the topic at hand. When you are a kid there are only a few times a year when you get excited to receive things. Here are some of them. read more

Who is your mother?!?

Who is your mother?!? 1000 666 sfadmin
Who is your mother, I believe there is a child’s storybook about it. Although now that I think about it I believe it is “Where is my mother” lol I could title this either and it would still apply. read more
Top view of friends legs and feet in sandals and boots standing in circle on asphalt road

Jellies & Jesus Sandals

Jellies & Jesus Sandals 1000 665 sfadmin
As a child, I was huge into the having to have what everyone else had. so whatever was the cool thing at the time. I wanted the name brand clothing, I wanted a pager, but not just any pager it had to be one of the ones I could customize.  read more

Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY!

Liars, Traitors, and Periods-Oh MY! 1000 562 Naudia
Picture this Sicily 1942… Yes, I am A huge golden girls fan. But no picture the year is 1998 in a small city of North East Ohio. I as a 14-year-old teenager. Boobs were already a nice asset (Sometimes a curse.) and I have always had a kinda nicer butt. read more
Screaming witch behind the wet glass

My mom the wonderful MONSTER!

My mom the wonderful MONSTER! 1000 666 sfadmin
Oh, My mother. How this will be a fun blog to make. First and foremost, I love my mother, and I know she did what she thought was the best she could.  read more