Bitch, better have my money! $$$

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Bitch, better have my money! $$$

Bitch, better have my money! $$$ 2000 1175 Naudia

So, let’s start again from the beginning. I wrote this like an almost full blog about this, saved it and when I came back to finish it, the blog was gone. So, from now on I will be writing all my blogs in word and not on the website itself and then I will just copy and paste over. 

Now back to the topic at hand.

When you are a kid there are only a few times a year when you get excited to receive things. Here are some of them.

v Christmas – Presents

v Easter – Candy

v Halloween – Candy

v School year shopping – Clothes & school supplies

v Birthday – clothes & gifts/toys

v Anniversary – gifts

v Just because – will later ruin me

Now I am just about the only person you will know that is a hoarder of stationery supplies. I love pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, paint, notebooks, and folders, etc.

Been that way for as long as I can remember. I felt like they were treasures. I wanted all the cool ones. Go to Disney, I was coming home with a new pen or notepad. Now here is the weirder part, if I feel it is too special, I will not use it just collect it. So surely you display them somewhere? Nope, they just sit in Pencil boxes, and sometimes if someone is crazy enough, they let me share my crazy with them.

Anyways My mom made me start buying my school supplies at the age of fucking 7! When I stayed with my grandparents for 3rd grade 2.0. Read more about it in the blog

The-truck-driver-and-girl-scout-cookies , After that It was babysitting, and when I did that more full time I was then bequeathed the responsibility of purchasing my school clothes as well! Don’t get me wrong she did help sometimes but for the most part, I only got clothes for Christmas and my birthday.

Well when you can buy whatever you want as long as you are paying, you don’t learn a lot in the way of saving. Save then watch it all go away on one item. I was always about how many things can I get for x amount, instead of how good of a thing can I get for x amount?

So by the time I was about 14/15 I was almost entirely dependent on myself. I paid for everything except for food and rent. Yes, those are huge things but for a teenager who paid for everything else that is pretty impressive.

So, by the time I was 18, I moved out and didn’t look back. I have never moved back into my parent’s house since. Am I good with money? Fuck no! It is part of my Bipolar 1 combined with ADD and well I am surprised I pay any of my bills like I am supposed to do.

That is a whole other blog though. I know I know I say that all the time. I can’t tell you all of it in one go otherwise this site will be over before it starts lol.

Anyways I think that wraps it up for this topic, in closing I think giving a kid some responsibility is a good thing, the kinda pressure I was put under though was not. I dealt with stresses most adults don’t so if you take anything from this, be this, don’t do shit like this to your kids it fucks us up! 

See you same place, same time, till then remember you are not alone everyone has their own kinda fuckery.